Bridal tops

Our handmade lace tops made of finest lace in the trendy BOHO look as well as silk tops made of pure silk satin and chiffon underline your feminine look. We also have matching bottoms for our lace tops for you. As an alternative to the wedding dress you are guaranteed to find your perfect look at OH LOVELY JULIE. In combination with our tulle and chiffon skirts for the bride you will perfect your trendy bridal style.

Get inspired by our LOVELY LOOKS.

The designs of our trendy bridal tops are created by Juliane & her team. The fabrics are high quality and comfortable to wear. Every single top is lovingly handmade to a high standard. Find out more about us here!

If you have any questions or if we can help you with your choice, please contact us via the live chat or the contact form! We are there for you!

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